Pleases some honest opinions. Wanted to buy Bloodborne, but then heard of this problem.

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  • Wos w üder ?

  • Well i usually get 30fps only a few Drops when theres much going on but Not unplayable

  • I had stutters with Rom (summons a lot of spider things) ,Living failures when the do their combo attack (multiple bosses which summon asteroid like spell) ,mergos wetnurse (summons clones) but nothing game breaking .I started with my NG +to get the platinum trophy and the second play playthrough is just as fun as the first .if you want some exstra lore and tips go watch EpicNameBro Lets Play Bloodborne Walkthrough Guide Thing .im watching it for my second play to make sure I get all the goodies for the all weapon trophy .

  • The game runs at 30 fps by default ,and the PS4 Pro doesnt change that .Unfirtunately ,it has a few frame drops in crowded areas and such ,but apart from those ,its pretty consistent .

  • Thank you all !

  • Not trying to bash PS4 owners because I borrowed my friends PS4 to play Bloodborne but this game does have the little spikes in frrametimes but the game is absolutely amazing

  • Never had any major fps issues

  • Well ,it is actually the game I like the most on the ps4 .I played it on the "basic"console (not ps4 pro nor ps4 slim) and the framerate is pretty consistant overall .The only few framerates drops I experimented were only for a few seconds during the battles of some oversized bosses like Ebrietas or Amygdala .Nothing that annoying .

  • 30fps max ya peasants

  • Well thats that then Im getting Ps4 slim Somany food exclusives that I want to play too