What Happened to Us

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  • Quit your fucking whining u basic bitch

  • We ate tide pods thats what happened !

  • *gaysilence *

  • there ’sanother post like this one about 10 posts up in hot .WHY DO PEOPLE UPVOTE THESE ,FFS

  • but they all want to do something soeone never have done before ...in a few years fashions shows will just be a poop on a plate ,with cucmber eyes ...

  • Nothing really .Weirdos exist everywhere and every time .But if you for one fucking second think that people actually go dressed like that on the right ,you have to be fucking stupid . Itscalled free will and common sense .People often use those two to not dress like that .The picture on the right is called "art"

  • god left

  • Mentally abused

  • Dont you see ?Superman is the new trend .

  • Not that it looks good but if we stayed exactly the same from 1940 onwards everyone would get bored as fuck with the same clithes walk I ng down the catwalk