Say about the Solo movie what you want but this casting is top

Media Comments

  • Fuck Lando .

  • Meh ,his teeth are too big

  • All black looks the same

  • Childish gambino ?What kinda name is that ?

  • Most of the disneyfied Star Wars fans today don ’teven know or care about this character to see the casting similarities .

  • That ’smy boi troy

  • I dont get it .They have completely different teeth . Youall just see a black guy and say they lookalike

  • I get that they can ’tre-cast Harrison to play a younger solo but the other actor really takes me out of it ,that being said I ’mstill going in with high hopes but low expectations .

  • People here know him as childish gambino or donald glover ,anybody elseknow him better as troy barnes ?

  • Except for Han Solo