Men, make your choice

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  • Well there are people who give jackshit about football and really a day has more hours than a pseudosportgame .People bash religion whenever they can but an idiot who lives his live for 11 millionaires in a fanatic way is a OK ?

  • Im not interested in both

  • Captain?

  • My choice is ,"tohell with soccer ,Ill play some games that are better for me "

  • I dont care about soccer but dude thanks for resurrecting this meme <3

  • Have to wake up at 2 :45in the morning to watch the game . :(

  • Thank god that my girlfriend have a night shift today :)

  • Stop taking fucking american bullshit holiday as something sacred ,problem solved .If you loe your GF ( considering you have one ) love her everyday ,simple as that .Now ,PSG for the win ,fuck Real .

  • when you lear that all the matches are in the same day of the week and that no one realy cares about a murican tradition from hallmark

  • For once I consider myself lucky to be single on Valentines .