Hate when this happens

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  • I just finished my research and i have to start all over again ..

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/a0KdK3n/a6pp39j7_700w_0.jpg

  • Younger Dr .Kelso ?

  • Any translation for the last part ?

  • i found this clip in Youtube and there are some comments from years ago "9gagbrought me here ".

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/aKVzZp1/aYJJapLq_700w_0.jpg

  • what show /filmis it ?

  • plot twist :afterwards he fucks him too

  • the Dickter

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/an1O4xz/abxxGdVG_700w_0.jpg