Pika pika

Media Comments

  • Who the duck says imperial system is the best system ?

  • Chemtrails are indisputably real .Have a decent go at Google .Cloud seeding is nothing new

  • I ’venever heard someone actively advocate for the imperial or American standard system .It ’sjust something inherited .

  • "Imperialsystem = best system "said no one ever

  • No one says the imperial system is the best .We Americans only still use it because there is no point in wasting billions of dollars and multiple years of work to officially change the system .We know and use both systems .It doesn ’tmatter .

  • kill it ..kill it now !!

  • There is a new pokemon movieee :I choose youuu

  • Pikamurican?

  • I hate imperial system so much that i joined the storm cloaks in skyrim

  • She ’sholding a Togepi ...Togepi evolves into Togetic when it has reached max happiness ,not by level up :p