Well he's right you know

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  • Hey are you suffering from the serious problem that is being a retard oh well you dont need to show to the world that you are a retard by using a meme incorrectly

  • #relatable

  • Browsed 9gag one day too late ..

  • That moment when you havent a crush for last 4 years

  • ive had a crush on this girl since i was about 7 or 8 years old and now im 17 and i still have a crush on her .I dont know how to tell it to her becuse I get to nervous thinking about her saying no to me .(and we are neighbours) .

  • Stop making me want to realize the truth

  • Gotcha.

  • I did confess today and actually she felt the same and ...nawIm still on 9gag ,wellfellas valententines or not just be direct if shit doesnt work move on ,justcause some chick doesnt liek you ,doesthat mean someone else wont find you attractive amazing and irresistable ?Justfind the one for you guys ,alsotip for the friendzone ,dontdwell on it ,ifshes a pretty girl ,shehas pretty girl friends .

  • My version of flirting is hoping they will come ask me out .It hasnt work in 27 years ,but Im gonna hold out just in case .

  • Basically me right now