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  • 1st what Kind of philosophy is he Talking about ? 2ndif africans were so great at all of this ...why did you forget practically all of it ?And literally the only civilisation that was outstandingly Smart and Early in history were the egyptians and not every Black dude is Even related to them ...

  • Someone doesnt know history .

  • Calm down here .If anything we should team up and protect Greece .They were called homo for literally no reason .

  • Were*


  • Northern Africa = 1 big empire that came into existence because the Nile was the only place to grow food in the area .And therefore people started grouping up and building civilization . Europe= multiple big empires and to this date the highest welfare ratings in the world ... Butgo ahead ,tell me about your fallen empire and how white people are idiots .

  • Yeah and then we invented sailing ships and you started selling your brothers and sisters to us as slaves ,for a hand full of glass pearls .Because you were always the smarter ones in the first place .