American reporter "knows" why the Dutch are good at Ice Skating

Media Comments

  • As an American I have to ask ,is that true ?

  • Omg she is retarded .

  • Yeah ....Nope

  • While that sounds pretty fun ,its also sounds pretty racist .XD

  • Oh well that explains it :-/

  • The most important thing to know about the Netherlands is that we use tulip powered energy and always wear clogs everywhere and anywhere

  • She mentions "fun"two times ...

  • noone heard "rape,ahm ,race "?

  • Whatta stupid reporter .She think that iceskating skills are from middle ages and pass through generations by the DNA !???Stop the Earth ,imout .

  • Yeah thats why were so good at swimming too .Cause when the ice melts we use those canales to swim to work