American reporter "knows" why the Dutch are good at Ice Skating

Media Comments

  • Did she say Rape each other and also to have fun ?XD

  • Well i really believed in this

  • Ppl can laugh at America all they want .I ’mdying to move to America .It ’sa beautiful country and ppl are not fat as others say .I seen more fat people in Birmingham on a daily then in the US .

  • As an American I have to ask ,is that true ?

  • Omg she is retarded .

  • Yeah ....Nope

  • While that sounds pretty fun ,its also sounds pretty racist .XD

  • Oh well that explains it :-/

  • The most important thing to know about the Netherlands is that we use tulip powered energy and always wear clogs everywhere and anywhere

  • She mentions "fun"two times ...