Please stop comparing todays freaks to yesterdays gentlemen

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  • I disagree .The world changed a lot !By 1948 ,homosexuality was a felony ,for example .Thanks to the efforts of many ,our society is now changing and beginning to accept different sexualities ,gender identities ...even though we still see people judging others by what they choose to wear .I hope the world keeps on changing so ,maybe ,memes like these make no sense anymore .As you said ,think before tou meme

  • The fact is that you guys are weak af ,9gaggers disgusts me

  • The second one in 2018 looks like shit

  • Man ,wtf ?How dare you compare smart-wear with casual wear ?!

  • such a buzz kill .. \

  • https ://

  • Its peacocking .Works fine .

  • The first one was made by woman ,thats what woman does

  • Yeah !!!!Fuck the previous person !The one who posted the post before this one "the related one ".thatperson is a twunt .....yeah!

  • I am a simple guy ,I see Croatia I upvote