17k is what I’m aiming for.

Media Comments

  • Have to admit Apple ’sMighty Mouse is innovative .Not sure why nobody did a trackball scroll anymore .That shit ’svery handy for photoshop

  • Mac is gay

  • Mac ’sare faster ?The fuck

  • What do U mean by 17k ?

  • Mac are way smoother to work with tho

  • @abbdoyour PC <<<<<Mac .I meant it cant even run headphones

  • This is obviously a bought article . Stopraging over an ad .

  • 13k you peasent

  • But Macs are PCs ...

  • I have a MacBook Pro 2017(which I got for work) .The SSD is faster than the one I use on my gaming pc .That ’sbecause I ’musing sata .