Words of Wisdom

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  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/aZxywe6/a1wwJRoa_700w_0.jpg

  • pff bullshit .A job is just there so i dont starve .

  • So these words of wisdom-posts are a thing now huh ?

  • Turns out my full potential was in lying my ass off to customers all day to cover the incompetence of our company .The fact that i was good at it did not actually make me feel any better about myself .But hey ,at least i got a well paid job out of it . :(

  • So thats what i do when i feel the urge to jump head first from a 8m ladder .Unleashing my potential .I knew i was born for greatness .

  • unleashing my newly developed sperms to the battlefield