The tools do the work

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  • Welcome to the magical world of IT .

  • Trump is doing it the same way

  • My friend this is the way it works .You cant know all of everything

  • Asking the real question :Are you from Poland ?

  • Here you need 3 +years apprenticeship as a plumber then an exam and then afters some years of practice as a fully educated plumber as an employee you can make your craftsmans examination to start your own business .

  • Yeah I have similar experience .I work in IT fixing peoples computers .Most of the time I have no idea whats the problem ,so I just google the solution .Its amazing because if you think about it ,Im getting paid for using google ...

  • did u ever get to fuck any of your customer ?

  • Plumbing 101 :Kick turtles ,obtain cakes ,punch bricks for money .

  • What do you think how we work in financial sector ? GoodJob to adaption dude ,one of us ,one of us

  • Why is this in the funny section ?