The tools do the work

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  • Fake it till you make it .

  • Heres a good one OP .A mate of mine was also a plumber in a small town .On the side of his van he got a professional car photo /stickerof him sitting down with his pants around his ankles (like he was taking a dump) but the wheel was where the toilet would be .Before long every single person in town knew his business .

  • I was working as a DBA in a world wide known telecom company ,until mi early retirement (mid 30s) i googled solutions All the time ,Its not about knowing it All but to be able to handle anything thats thrown at you

  • How do you think programmers work ?

  • I work in UX and without google I ’dbe that dog wondering what he ’sdoing ...

  • So cute ...i am googling hoy to get a job

  • You learn by doing !Fake it till you make it !

  • The best friend ,Dr .Google

  • Im a collision tech and i like to do my own mechanic work as well and youtube is the best solution to most questions i have

  • Is there any other way to learning; notknowing > >aquiring knowledge and experience > >repeat (and /or)expand /diversify??